Remote Education

Castledyke Primary School will provide remote learning (online and paper based) for pupils who are not able to attend school so that no-one falls too far behind. In the following documents, an outline of the provision will be made and some guidance given on the role of pupils, teachers and parents. Castledyke Primary School are fully aware that these are exceptional times and would like to make it clear that the completion of as much work as possible is recommended and that this document seeks to inform and guide families. Children will be given a minimum of 3 hours work for each day. There will be additional tasks/ resources given so that children can do more than this if they want to.

Each family is unique and because of this, should approach home learning in ways which suits their individual needs. We have listened to the barriers you face which is why the learning will be a combination of online and paper based learning. Should you need help with the loan of equipment, please contact the school office.

The work completed by children will go towards their end of term assessments.

Remote Education Policy

Remote Education Offer