We strive to reflect our vision and values through the following aims:

  • To provide a rich, stimulating and caring environment, where children are able to form strong, positive relationships and feel happy, safe and secure.
  • To provide a creative curriculum, which develops the moral, spiritual, cultural and social understanding of each child.
  • To have high expectations of each child, whilst supporting and challenging them, in order to fulfil their potential.
  • To foster a ‘can do’ attitude to learning, which encourages independence, resilience and perseverance.
  • To nurture our children to become valuable British citizens and life-long learners, who are adaptable and open to the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of modern life and the world of work.
  • To create a learning community where everyone works together in a supportive environment of mutual care, respect and consideration for each other.
  • To celebrate cultural diversity: to have respect and tolerance for the individuality of others.
  • To develop self-esteem, self-discipline, self-respect and confidence in all children to meet the changes and challenges in their life ahead, and so that they are ready for the next stage of their education.