Parents/carers should note that admission to the Nursery, for 5, 3 hour sessions, per week can commence the term after your child's 3rd birthday if places are available.

In this phase of their education the children are laying down the foundations of reading, writing and learning how to function well in the school environment. There are many aspects of managing their own behviour that are included in the Early Years Curriculum as well as such things as phonics.

Parents may negoitate on a half termly basis, when their child takes the sessions. Children who stay all day thus requiring a lunch will be charged £2.20. Children in the nursery whose parents qualify and fill in the forms for Free School Meals will be provided with this meal at no cost.

In recognition of the fact that working parents require a more flexible approach to their child's education from September 2016 the school has offered 'top up' sessions for part time nursery children. Parents pay £10 for either a morning session 8.50am to 11.50pm, or an afternoon session 12.15pm to 3.15pm. This means that children stay a full day a school meal is provided at cost of £2.20, or no cost for parents who are eligible and apply for Free School Meals.


Children attending the Nursery class do not automatically gain a place within the Reception class. All parents requiring a place at Castledyke Primary School must fill in their choices of schools, online by January of the year your child is due to start school in the September.

The criteria for gaining a place in the Reception class is in accordance with North Lincolnshire Council Admissions Policies (see link below). Generally parents can not assume that they will gain a place even when brothers and sisters attend the school. The criteria is very strict and the admission number currently for Castledyke Primary School is 45 pupils (the Governors raised this in 2016).

Where a parent is unable to gain their first choice of school they will be allocated to one of the other Primary Schools within our area. Parents can appeal and can go on a waiting list for their choosen school; this is not just Castledyke policy, this is North Lincolnshire Council policy.

Obviously to be sure as you can about gaining your first choice it is helpfull if parents complete the online form as soon as possible. If you have any concerns about this please pop into school and we can explain the process further, or contact the admission officer at Hewson House Brigg on 01724 297133. For more information please click the link below to open the North Lincolnshire Council School Admission webpage.

All Other Year Groups

The school continues to work within the guidelines set out by North Lincolnshire Council for admission to any year group in the school. In all other year groups the admission number is 43.

When a parent applies for a place or a transfer the Local Authority will refer to this number, the parent may still apply as sometimes class grouping allow greater numbers. However, it is less likely that a parent will gain a place when the admission number has already been met. The only time where this is not the case is where a child has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). Where this is the case the child's special educational needs will be taken into account when a school place is allocated. In the case of children with special education needs or children who are in care the admissions policy generally allows a place to be allocated at the school even when the admission number has been met.

Parents and Guardians in this latter catergory should speak to the admission officers at Hewson House and the school in order to be satisfied that the child's special needs can be catered for. Where there is any difficulties the SEND department of the Local Authority also located at Hewson House should be contacted. Parents and Guardians may also wish to speak to The Parent Partnership team contactable on 01724 277665.

At Castledyke Primary School the Governors and staff wish to serve local children and families, we do our very best to accomodate everyone who wishes to bring their children to us.