At Castledyke we expect children to read, at least, 3 times per week, this is to be recorded by an adult in their reading diary as part of their homework commitment. All home reading is recorded and there are a number of schemes within the school whereby children are rewarded when they exceed this minimum regularly. We often have reading competitions and we do need parents to support their children in taking part.

At Castledyke we aim to maximise our attendance rates by operating an attendance policy within which Governors, Staff, Pupils, Parents and the Education Welfare Service can work together in a fruitful partnership. The school will monitor attendance and ensure that there is early intervention if a problem is identified, so that appropriate support can be given by those concerned.

As with good behaviour and academic success, regular attendance will be seen as an achievement in its own right and recognised as such by the school. The attendance policy is based upon the premise of equal opportunities for all within the school community, so there is every chance for all to benefit from it, regardless of the differences that may exist between pupils.

To view the full policy, please look on our policies page.

Attendance grading at last Ofsted – 1 Outstanding.