This report reflects the quality, drive and skills of all of my staff, including all of those people who do not directly stand up in front of a class of children. All have played their part in making the school so good.

The majority of the report is very clear; it tells you what the evidence showed, on the day and over the years since the last Ofsted inspection which also gained a 'Good' grading. Castledyke has never had an Ofsted grading lower than 'good'.

So, what is this report saying in that first paragraph? It is a set paragraph that Ofsted put in when all of the evidence on the short, one day inspection is pointing to the fact that the school is demonstrating outstanding practise. The short inspection does not look at every single aspect of the school - the inspector chose what he wanted to look at, and in one day he could not go deeply into every aspect of school life - for instance he did not look at any of our community work or extra-curricular activities or visits.

He found that results, and other data over the years as well as teaching and other documentation were good enough to go forward for a two day inspection to look at everything, to see if we are 'outstanding' overall. This is the highest grading that we could achieve under this current Ofsted framework.

However, it does mean that they will come again! This time for two days with the usual phone call at the dinner time the day before - hardly time to change the school! No other school in North Lincs, so far, has a letter like this. This is the first one that this inspector has awarded - although he was happy to tell me that he has issued some for schools to have a two day inspection because evidence is suggesting that their grade will go down. They cannot come straight away as they used to because they do not have the reserve inspectors to call in. We could be up to two years before we get the call - this so that we cannot do anything particularly to prepare.

Ofsted is a harsh regime, Castledyke staff have worked extremely hard to get this accolade - you may not like every aspect of the school but you should always know that we try to do our very best for your children and there is very strong evidence, compared to all other schools in the country that this is the case.

The children, their work and their standards tell the real tale. Once again I thank my staff and supporters, as well as parents, a winning team. A lovely end to the term; have a read.