We also receive this grant for pupils who are adopted, and a lesser grant for pupils whose parents are members of the armed forces.

The money is not expected generally to be spent entirely on specific pupils. We offer staff and resources that benefit many children, but we are also able, using this money to target the learning needs of specific pupils where necessary.

In the budget breakdown, impact and outcomes sheet (following this introduction), it is not always possible to see the impact on children's self confidence and well being when the playing field has been levelled (to some degree). Provision of uniform and support for trips and other activities has an indirect bearing on educational attainment. At Castledyke Primary PPG children are very well supported (see our Poverty Proofing report - ask at the school office if you are interested in a copy).

It is important that if you are in a family that may be eligible for free school meals you claim for them. This is now doubly important since the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals. Some parents think that because their child already receives a free meal it is not necessary for them to apply. This means that the school loses valuable income that can help many children. We send regular reminders outlining the importance of applying for this grant as the school does not automatically get the money. The office or the Local Link can easily help you with this. When a family does claim FSM - even if they do not take the meals the school will gain the grant for six years. Clearly in economic terms you can see why we are keen for you to claim! The school is able to offer many things with the support of this funding, Mrs Cook Learning Mentor, Jess the Counselor and lots of other interventions are partly supported by this money. We are expected to use it to narrow the attainment gap and this is exactly what is happening at Castledyke.