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In the Autumn term the whole school is involved in the election process. We feel this promotes being an active citizen within modern British culture. This process includes:

Year 5 are offered the opportunities to be a school councillor.


  • Campaign speeches (at this time all pupils consider the qualities needed to be a good school councillor/role model)
  • All prospective councillors have to deliver their prepared campaign speech to the whole school during an assembly.
  • On Election Day, all KS2 children cast their votes for the 2 people who they believe would be the best candidates. The school borrows the North Lincolnshire Council voting booths and ballot boxes for this formal process.
  • Votes are counted and results announced in assembly.

At the first formal meeting we elect a Chairperson, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Chair controls the meeting and ensures everyone is able to have a say. The Secretary makes notes which are then available for the rest of the school. We meet regularly and discuss issues that the children, staff and Headteacher have raised. Councillors are then responsible for ensuring they feedback to the rest of the school in assembly and follow up on actions required.

The School Council are involved in major decisions within the school. In the past this has included involvement interviews, decision making when purchasing resources and compiling questionnaires.

The School Council is also part of the Barton School Council Forum. This group ensures the young people of Barton are given the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas relating to their local community. Mrs Hickling works tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of this group.